Tally Ho, 1st Years!

My measly bid points pale in comparison to those of Anlei's as a first-year going on second-year. But I've thrown my bids for next year's classes into the battle and am anxiously awaiting the results. Bids started this morning and go on through Wednesday for Round 1.

Was nice to see the differing opinions on choosing classes the other day-- ("Which teacher matters!" "The class subject matters the most!" "You get what you put in!" "You will fail any class you take anyway! [jk]" etc. etc.) I'm just hoping I can learn something new and keep pace with both work and school (so far, so good) next year. But on top of that, it will be sad to see the ol' cohort split up a bit and go their separate ways.

Not really splitsville, so-to-speak, but with elective choices coming, some nice friends and people will be spread out and no longer see each other week-to-week. Incentive to meet more cool Haasketeers though and find ways to keep in touch.

But first...

I have to play some catch up this week for a midterm. I'm bonking my head, trying to get back in gear. Last Saturday, we officially had 4 concurrent classes (part-time, no less!). However, we wrapped up one (Leadership) and started another (Ethics) the same day. A third class (Communications) will wrap up for Axe cohort next Sunday. Then we'll be back down to two classes again. I can't believe it's less than a month until our first year is over.

Anyway, back to reviewing lecture notes and problem sets for macro. Ironically, I was an international economics major in undergrad, and I can't seem to find my memories of macro graphs anymore.

On a last note, talk of the fourth quarter reminds me that I'm missing NBA playoff basketball. Oh well-- the best stuff will happen after our semester is over anyway. Until then, fellow classmates, tally ho. Tally ho.

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