Evening MBA vs. Weekend MBA Schedules


This semester, I've pulled the old switcheroo and moved from all Weekend MBA classes to all Evening MBA classes. I'm sometimes asked by prospective or new students which is preferred. With that in mind, here's a little something to help - you'll see it's mainly all about trade-offs, just like everything else in the business world.

Weekday/Evening MBA Classes
  • You get to have an actual weekend! (though you may have to study on the weekends, if your week nights are busy)
  • You may get a bit more of a Berkeley student feel with more undergraduates or full-time MBA'ers on-campus; and, all sessions are at UC Berkeley
  • There's a shuttle for South Bay and Peninsula folks for those who don't like to drive themselves (but no meals are provided - you can walk around near-Campus eateries and choose your own food on your own dime though)
  • You can attend weekend events, while Saturday folks are in-class (But you may miss week-day events like Taste of Haas - which is on a Thursday)
  • There are more elective classes to choose from than weekend, just by factor of more days in the week (Mon - Thurs).
Weekend MBA Classes
  • Snacks, lunch and coffee are provided (But no bus shuttles; parking or carpool only - there's the tradeoff)
  • For core classes (1st year), you get a longer Winter break because class sessions are longer (but that may be more painful during the actual class session)
  • One day of the week (primarily) is dedicated for class, allowing you to focus on school (not coming right after work); also helpful in case you have a dynamic weekday work schedule or travel a lot for work
  • 1/2 time in alternate location in Santa Clara, which is closer for South Bay folks (it may be further for others)
  • You can attend week-day events (but not weekend events; some business conferences are held on Saturdays)

There may be other factors. If I remember them, I'll recant later-- or perhaps my fellow bloggers have some additional thoughts? No matter which route you choose, you'll get to share in the experience of part-time student, full-time professional and meet amazing and fun people. I definitely like being able to try evening and meet even more friendly folks to network with.

And of course, even though you have to choose evening vs. weekend for your first year, you do get an option to switch after core classes are done or undeclare during any given semester in your 2nd or 3rd year (which allows you to choose from any courses that are offered on any day).

I for one am really enjoying the #1 aspect of taking evening courses and having more relaxing weekends. We'll see if that lasts come midterms!


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