Staying Relevant

Been a while since I posted-- if not for Anlei's post with me as a sidebar picture, I've been a bit AWOL. Needless to say, I'm enjoying my Summer-- even if any time that formerly went to school just gets replaced by work-work-work.

Gotta keep present and relevant though..

On a lighter but related note, I was playing basketball with young kids from church (some half my age-- ouch), and was told: "You have an old-fashioned hair cut." Ah, to be irrelevant to the tomorrow's market of youngsters. Well, that was about four weeks back. Earlier this week, I went and got a haircut and told the barber to just give me a more updated cut (w/o dying my hair blonde please-- those days of college-- er.. undergrad-- are way behind me). Presto! Back in the fold of kid cool-- or not. All they did was make it really short (new definition for fro-yo?). Oh well...

On a more serious note, in comparison, it's key for us to stay relevant in business. It's one of the reasons I decided to go back to business school over a year ago. As part of the Admissions Committee (who are continuing to actively plan for the new class, orientation, and other related activities), I'm often asked what is the ROI for returning to b-school? While there may be hard numbers that can quantitatively be estimated based on pre- vs. post-graduation salaries and so on, I tell people honestly that they get what they put into it.

If it's all about dollars and cents, b-school does not auto-magically turn you into a money machine. But, with brains, talent and plain ol' hard work, the value you get from your new connections, and opened doors can be priceless. At the very least, your eyes are opened to possibility and you have the keys to decide how you proceed.

Hopefully, Haas stays relevant to our global economic marketplace. I know our classmates, the Haas faculty and administration, and the new students joining us are all a part of keeping it there.

- Tim

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