Spring is in the air

Well, it feels like Spring - especially out at Santa Cruz. As Anlei mentioned, the second years spent the weekend a few weeks back out at Seascape Resort at the Mid Program Academic Retreat. I really enjoyed meeting up with friends from my first year cohort, and also other friends I hadn't seen in a while as well as meeting people I hadn't yet come across at Haas (it was incredible how many people I didn't recognize - having not seen the Axe & Oski cohorts since orientation). Apart from the fabulous weather and being at the beach, the highlight of the weekend was definitely that my team won the simulation for my industry (Industry 6 - go Andrews!). The simulation gives students a chance to pull together all those different skills that we've learnt along the way so far - such as marketing, strategy, operations, finance as well as teamwork. I had a great team that really worked together well, and I think this was really the winning strategy for us. Overall a fantastic weekend that will sit fondly amongst my many Haas memories.

So we're back into semester, second and third years have been auditing classes and Siu Yung from the program office has been sending out lots of reminders about the various rounds of bidding - so what's it all about? Basically, beyond first year, students get to choose electives - but due to space constraints in each classroom, and the immense popularity of some classes - students are given a certain number of points which they can use to 'bid' for places in electives. The third years are given a higher number of bid points than the second years, as it is their last year at Haas (as Diana is already celebrating!). Everyone has different strategies on how to split their points - use almost all their points on one class they really want to take, and bid just 1 point for another class, split their bid points evenly, or even as extreme for some as using all their bid points (1500 points for second years) on one class (from what I heard - it sounds like a number of people utilized this strategy to bid for Pricing with Ho) and then take a seat in whatever class(es) still have space after bidding is over. So far I've been successful in getting into all the classes I've bid on, but what happens if your bid is too low? In that case, the unsuccessful bid points are returned to you, and you have another chance to bid on remaining empty seats in other classes in round 2, and then again in round 3. After bidding, then there is the add/drop period - during this time students can check out their classes and make sure its right for them, or find a class if they're not already enrolled in one (ie the case of those who used all their bid points on just one class, and have to find a second class). During this time, some of my east bay buddies have been known to go to Haas every evening and during the weekend to audit a number of classes and make sure they're enrolling in the best class for them. There are always plenty of classes to choose from - so its not a problem of not getting a seat in a class, in fact, most of the people I know have gotten in to their first preferences most of the time (there's enough diversity at Haas, and so many different classes to take).

So what am I taking this semester? Well, its been a bit of a whirlwind recently as I've transferred jobs at work, and am now located down in central California in Bakersfield, working in an operations role. So I've become one of those students that we heard about from Anlei a few months back - who commutes to Haas. I've always wondered how they do it - now I'll get to experience it - and a 300 mile one-way drive to get to Haas. I'll let you know how it goes..... But for this semester I'm just taking one, one-unit class while I settle in to my new job and new location. I'm enrolled in Corporate Social Responsibility which runs for two Sundays. To make up the points I'm hoping to enrol in some classes over the summer - there's the international trip, plus several other classroom based classes being offered this summer - sign-ups start in a month or two.

So as you can see, there are really a lot of options around classes at Haas - from different electives and interests in classes during the second and third years, to different formats of classes that you can take.



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