Spring break and more...

Spring break was much needed R&R. Went to Mendocino with the family for a few days. No TV, no Internet, no Cell-phone, no Computer. I think last time I was this removed from the “normal” life for more than a couple of days was when my son was born. Although that certainly did not qualify as R&R :-)

We got a vacation rental just South of Mendocino on CA-1. Here are a couple of pictures taken from inside the house, at 3 AM and 3PM. Breathtaking view, not for nothing is the California Coastline the envy of all and sundry.
Back in the world of fun and frolic things picked up right away. My Comp Strategy group has a Case write up due Wed and am gonna review the case for my Sunday AM meeting as soon as I post this. I also wrapped up one of my 1-unit classes the week before the break. This was my first class with the FT program. Btw, EW students can apply to the classes on the FT schedule and are admitted depending on availability..

On the non-academic front, the EWMBA Association had a kick-off meeting since my last post. And like Tim, I forgot to capture all the energy in the room despite having a camera in my backpack. If you’re curious, there are 8 functional committees in the association which drive various student government activities with the help of the Program Office and the Executive Committee (Pres, VP, et al). Some of these activities are Technology adoption in the program, Communication, Admissions support, Alumni outreach, etc. It was a successful event and a great networking opportunity over some pizzas and presentations.
Six Weeks and counting for the Summer Break. (Although for our third year classmates this is more than your usual break, no?)

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