Soft Skills

Lucky Diana... congrats. And here I am, wrapping up only my first year. Anyway..

We recently wrapped up a two-day seminar class for Leadership Communications (last Sun). That class was a blast. What was most inspiring was hearing one of my classmates talk about how she decided to "be in the moment" and really-- she has been remarkable in participating in class since then--more so than ever before.

Leadership Communications was a nice little soft skills class that brought people together. We all learned a little bit more about each other, and had a good time challenging ourselves personally. It was "deliberate practice" (a phrase my OB teacher loves to emphasize) to become better speakers-- to deliver messages strongly and with authenticity. Some people needed it very little... others much more. I confess I lean more toward the latter group at times.

The focus of the class was the "Art of Possibility," based on a book of the same name. It really reminded me of the movie, "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey. Sometimes, when you stay positive and go for it, good things can happen. Go figure..

Looking forward to next year, many of my classmates were pondering taking the Negotiations and Conflict Resolution class. Other classmates really slammed it because they didn't want to use up precious units on a soft skill class. Ultimately, I guess it depends on how you view things though. Surely, you could learn skills in many different venues, but if soft skills were the reason you didn't get that promotion, maybe it's a worthwhile area to explore.

In the mean time, I guess we'll have to sharpen the soft skill of bluffing at our Poker Nights (another one coming up this Saturday).

I know everyone sure is looking forward to regaining their Saturdays otherwise... even if just temporarily... in two more weeks! Here comes finals! Good luck, classmates and friends.

Take care for now,
- Tim

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