School is back, but life is not quite the same on campus

Well, its week 3 already - where did time go.... My name is Deanne Renting, and I am a second year (yeah - I made it to second year!) in the Evening Weekend MBA program here at Haas. I work at Chevron in Strategy & Planning in the natural gas business and commute from San Ramon to Berkeley in the evenings.

Life doesn't quite seem the same on campus - firstly, because the tree-sitters came down this week at last, and the old oak trees by the football stadium got cut down. But that also means that parking around the business school has been crazy since the trees have affected our closest lot. Life also isn't quite the same for me, because starting in second year brings almost an air of relaxation that was unheard of in first year. I'm taking Negotiations and Business Law as my two electives this semester, and Improvisational Leadership as a 1 unit class on 3 Sunday afternoons. Electives are still hard work, don't get me wrong.... but a lot more interactive and fun, and everyone wants to be in that class - so the dynamic in the classroom is very different to the first year core classes. I also don't have any in class exams - so life seems to be positively relaxed! Its also been great knowing a lot of people on campus, and already having friends - its been great to catch up with everyone post-summer.

I'll update you on how my electives progress over the course of the Fall semester.



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