Saturday in the Park

Well - semester is well and truly back on, and everyone is busy as usual. Tim - I'm very jealous that you were at Taste of Haas, and I hope to meet up with Aaron some time - great food is one of the things that I'm very passionate about, and right now I'm tossing up between starting my assignment that is due tomorrow for leadership or baking some cookies... hmmm.. procrastinating. That is one of the down sides of being an out-of-town EWMBA'er, is that there is so much going on at campus and beyond that its difficult to get to. But I have to contrast that - when I was a local Evening MBA'er, I often couldn't make extra-curricular events because I was in a class, or studying for class, or catching up on sleep!

So this week I was back on campus for Berkeley-Columbia classes, and it was my first Saturday at Haas that coincided with the regular EWMBA Saturday classes. So it was fun to experience the Saturday feeling - eating lunch (which was provided!) in the courtyard, and chatting with old friends for an hour. The weather was great, and it was nice to have some time to chill out on campus for a change. I also spent some time back in my favorite armchairs in the library finishing assignments - it seems there's always something due.

Next Saturday I start Mergers & Acquisitions - so I hope to meet up with Div. I have the morning at Santa Clara - my first time out there, so hopefully I don't get too lost, or caught up in the security there. Feels like being in first year again - not knowing where to go, not sure of the protocol etc. I'm flying up to Berkeley for the day - so have a flight at the crack of dawn, and will be back home in time for dinner.

The other exciting news for this week - the winter international seminar trip to Dubai has been announced and is open for nominations. A lot of third years are very excited about the trip - so hopefully there's enough spots for all of us. I'm looking forward to spending some time with old friends.

Well - see you all at Santa Clara on Saturday!


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