Sand Between My Toes and Simulation on My Mind

Fortunately, I wasn't thinking about the simulation while on the beach, but I did get to walk out onto the sand at least twice and enjoy the company of my fellow second years at last weekend's Mid Program Academic Retreat (MPAR) held at the Seascape Resort in Aptos.

With almost 70 degree weather, it was hard to be inside working on a simulation, but we forged on to try to win out against the competition. For the simulation, pre-assigned teams of four to five people were given the same starting scenario and depending on the moves of other teams in our industries, we simulated the product development, marketing, and production for several products over a span of multiple years. Between breakouts and class lecture, our schedule was packed. Here is my team hard at work while I take their picture.

Our three days out in Aptos was serious and fun. Some enjoyed playing volleyball during our scheduled free time, while others went for a run on the beach, but I opted for a nice long walk with some friends.

It was a fun-filled weekend and definitely a great time to meet up with some folks we haven't seen since orientation. And where else besides California can you have this lovely weather in the middle of January? Another great perk about Haas to consider for those of you still deciding whether or not to apply.

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