Returning to the Halls of Haas

It happened just like that: one day, I was walking around campus as proud alum, the next day, I’m back to being a student again. It’s a transition that I am still getting used to, one that caught me by surprise even though I thought I’d mentally prepared myself for this moment ever since I heard in March that I was accepted into the program.

I return to Haas after a 10-year hiatus. Given I was a Haas undergraduate (Class of 2000!), I feel a certain level of comfort walking these halls that I’m so familiar with. This has perhaps is helping to ease my transition back into student life. Still, there are certain realities becoming apparent to me, such as the need to reacquaint myself with certain words that had escaped my vocabulary: Syllabus, Scantron, Strada Bianca Mochas... mmm... mocha….

Stepping onto campus as a student again, I am struck by the fact that I return to school with a level of excitement, of anticipation of the uncertainties that await me. I may not be the wide-eyed, freshmen stepping into college for the first time with no clue as to what to expect, but I do have an understanding of their apprehension. Unlike the undergraduates, I am not starting a new life away from family and friends.

I am, however, stepping into a different life than I previously had. I’m stepping well beyond my comfort zones. I and my fellow EWMBA students are trying to balance ourselves between school and a full-time job, friends, family, and so many other commitments!

It’s a challenge I’m looking forward to. The first few weeks have come and gone so quickly, giving me hope and confidence that I will not just survive, but thrive in this setting. Perhaps I am more like those incoming freshmen than I thought: Wide-eyed and eager for the future that awaits us.

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