Life After Graduation


A week ago, Deanne and I walked across that stage (here we are just before the ceremony began). It's hard to believe that at this time three years ago, I was eagerly anticipating the first year orientation and all that was to come.

Looking back on my time here in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program, the three years really flew by. A lot has happened - many people in our class got married, had a child, got new jobs, and so on.

After graduation, and after hearing people wishing congratulations, two questions seem to come up time and time again:
1. What next (new job? PhD)?
2. What are you going to do with all your free time?

As for me, no PhD on the horizon. I'm excited to have my MBA and don't know what lies ahead just yet. It's already an adjustment letting people know I'm done versus going to be done in x amount of time. So far, I still haven't figured out what free time is (it manages to fill up so fast that I wonder how I ever made it to class and did all of my homework in time). There has been a lot going on, but it's only the first week after school. Nevertheless, it's been a blast sharing some of my school life with you.

Some have asked - was it all worth it? Would you do it again? I would absolutely do this experience again in a heartbeat. I've learned so much and met a lot of great people. I've had access to experiences that would have been much more difficult or downright impossible to get without Haas. And now, there are a lot of resources that I, as a Haas alum, can use too.

Good luck to those whom are considering or in the process of applying! An amazing time is just up ahead. Go Bears and Hire Haas!

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