First, congrats to those who got accepted in Round 1. Well done! I hope you had a great time at the New Admit reception and got a chance to meet some of your future classmates.

There seems to be a common theme this semester as I go through my two classes. The metaphor of relationships appears over and over - almost in every lecture. For example, my Entrepreneurship class talks a lot about the relationship between the founders of a company and their venture capitalist. Our professor refers to the choosing of the right VC and the right company as a courting relationship where the VC may test the entrepreneurs by seeing how they react to them not calling back or how they respond to various demands.

In Pricing, we talk about relationships in terms of signaling. If you lower prices, you may be signaling to your competition and competitors that you mean war. This might serve as a pre-emptive action resulting in the competition not releasing a new product. Likewise, if you demand something from your spouse, your pre-emptive position may get you what your want, or not.

Just think, the things you learn in business school go beyond your business life...they could affect your relationships at home or with a loved one. In any case, the life applications are endless :)

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