Pricing Simulations, Fast Fall and Rolling Days

Looks like I've been MIA for a little while, but the rest of the gang has been more than holding fort. First, of course-- I'm glad to see such fresh enthusiasm and want to give my own hearty welcome to our newest bloggers! Awesome posts, team, if I do say so myself.
Getting back in the swing of things, it's been an excellent experience -- doing simulations in my Pricing class this semester with our award-winning professor. Not only have we engaged in price wars (or for the bolder of us -- price leadership!), but we've also done simulations in price matching, auctions, bid negotiations and more. My only downer is that we compete against our classmates in simulations and, while we mix teams every time, my teams seem to always come in second. And we all know that we can't settle for that! :)
We've also had some guest speakers from companies that have leveraged our illustrious professor's knowledge in how to price their products, and a consulting company that uses similar methodologies in evaluating pricing strategies. Incredible and fun stuff. My class team is on our way on our own group project to do the usual conjoint analysis and evaluate the pricing packages of a well-known video streaming company with our own recommendations.
As usual, it's hard to believe how quickly time flies. We're already looking ahead to final exams and projects, and bidding for Spring courses. I can't start the will-miss-you shuffles yet, but I can say I had a few select Haas-mates over for a party the other day and can't help but wonder where we'll all be in 5 to 10 years.
I gained an extra hour from "Fall Back" (Daylight Savings) and I get this Thursday evening's class off for Veteran's Day. Looking forward to using that extra time (like found money) for catching up on things once again (like blogging). Good luck, fellow classmates, and Happy November!
Hope to shake things with you again soon on the blog. Until then, onward..
- T

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