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Happy New Year 2009!

It’s been a while since I posted. The first couple of weeks of December were spent tackling the Marketing and Accounting finals and I flew out of the country the day after the last exam (missing a plethora of end-of-term parties). So lots of things to ruminate about now that 1st semester is over (grades were available in the last week of Dec)

Marketing finals for the evening cohort were in the form of a WAC, or a Written Analysis of a Case. We did this in teams of 2-3. The Accounting (the course is actually called Financial Reporting) finals were a much awaited event. The class was divided into pre-assigned groups and each group analyzed the financials of a target company perceived to be in some form of financial distress. The companies chosen were from a broad spectrum, Retail to Technology to Housing to Media. The final was a 30 minute presentation and Q&A where each team was grilled on the analysis and recommendations it provided. The panel of judges was comprised of Senior Managers and Partners from Big4 accounting firms. Turned out, some of the judges were actually associated with a few companies which were analyzed!

There was a lot of creativity in these presentations and arguably, the 2 days spent on these presentations were the most rewarding ones for me in this course. While I did learn a lot of accounting during the term, these presentations provided a unique insight into 11 publicly traded companies presented by my classmates. MBA after all, is mostly learning from one’s peers!

2nd semester starts this coming week for the evening cohorts. This semester is also divided into two half-sems and in all accounts for 9 credits (1st year is 17 credits). We start with Operations and Finance (core subjects) and by some accounts this quarter is significantly more challenging than the past two. The fact that I have homework due for both of these classes before the first lecture itself is probably an indication of times to come. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Finally, just wanted to offer a couple of suggestions with respect to pre-reqs, for those of your in the process of applying to Haas. I strongly strongly recommend getting enrolled into a Statistics/Math class. Alternately sign up for the waiver exams (if applicable in your case) early. And, if by some off-chance you flunk the waiver (believe me, it happens), you will still have time to enroll into a class. I kid you not; pre-reqs are taken very seriously and if they are incomplete, you will not be admitted. It's awful to get so close and then not make it. One last thing, if there’s anything you’d like to know about Haas, do not hesitate in getting in touch with the admissions office. This is not just for queries on the admissions process but also about life@Haas or Careers after Haas or anything@Haas. If required, the admissions folks will even help you connect with current students or alums who can answer specific questions.

And just a reminder, we’d love to hear back from you so feel free to comment!

Until later, D

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