October Sky

With the month of October nearly over, the capricious stock market is as up-and-down as it's ever been, work is kicking into high gear for some (possibly in preparation for tying off loose ends before holiday absences), and there has been the obligatory flood of political calls, flyers and letters with upcoming November elections/ballots (joy).

Thus, it's a mere drop in the pond to put our first wave of Haas B-school finals behind us as first-years. But it is good to acknowledge the feat, and also to have that benchmark to see how well we've performed in our first chapter at Haas. For others, grades mark the momentous event of requesting tuition reimbursement to employers too!

At this point, there are still a ton of activities happening at Haas, including the Halloween Party, Haas Alumni Gathering, MBAA elections, Dean Speaker Series and more. Several of us went out to the San Francisco Food Bank for the Annual Volunteer Day, a few weeks back, and enjoyed sharing a fun time together, while helping the community.

All in all, it's a busy time for everyone, no matter which angle you take. We are well into acclimating to new classes (Marketing and Financial Accounting, as Div mentioned), and to the teaching styles of our new professors over here in first-year land.

I don't have any real point in this blog entry, other than to give a quick update on the goings-on. However, it is definitely nice to pause, take stock, and subsequently, re-evaluate and re-focus energies a bit. The challenges faced have been very rewarding, but the first-year has to be treated almost like a marathon-- one has to pace and make a consistent effort to succeed!

To end on a high note:
  • Somehow it's still high-70's to low-80's F out here in Northern California! Beautiful..
  • New TV episodes are still being aired (Heroes, anyone?), for those who can eke out the time, and...
  • The NBA season started yesterday! I'm sure I'll find a way to spend a few minutes rooting on the Warriors at some point (what's left of 'em anyway).
Onward, toward the holidays---and a pre-emptive Happy Halloween to all!

- Tim

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