MIA - Winter Breaking

The Winter Break continues for the weekend first years as well (until the 24th), as I mentioned in an earlier blog. However, regular work continues, given we're part-timers in the student category. Never a dull moment!

One thing that comes to mind everytime I get to see posts from Div and friends is how markedly different the experience can be for people. Neither better nor worse-- but even though weekday and weekend classes are the same courses, they are obviously under different instructors.

While Div and the weekday folks had 3-person Marketing WACs, weekenders had 6-person teams who had to write 25-30 page papers on their chosen marketing company, plus presentation. You can imagine how complicated it can get when coordinating activities with large groups.

In addition, for Financial Accounting, the weekday folks got to analyze company financials for their final, while weekenders took full-blast exams (which counted 100% for those that did better on the final than midterm). Quite a bit of variation! All in all, the instructors' styles vary widely, and it's always interesting to see how things differ. But as Div mentioned, a huge part of learning is from classmates as well, not to mention the amount of effort and passion one brings.

Last shout-out-- sorry, I missed you second and third-years at the party! I was revved up to go, but as always, last minute things popped up. A friend of mine from Japan happened to be in the neighborhood that day, who really took care of my wife and me, when we were in Tokyo recently. So, the least I could do was return the favor and host her while she was in town! Networking works multi-directionally (ha!). Excuses aside, I'm looking forward to our next event.

In the mean time, it's been nice to catch up on some reads, play some intramural sports and "relax" for the interim-- though I'm sure many will start reading their course materials soon, if they haven't already, to get a jump on the hectic schedule ahead.

Happy New Year, everyone.
- Tim

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