Meeting Warren Buffett

The Haas Finance Club sponsored a trip to Omaha to meet with Warren Buffett. 27 students from EWMBA, FTMBA and Berkeley-Columbia programs went to meet with Mr. Buffett for a Q&A session and lunch. Haas was one of six MBA programs chosen to go for the trip. It was great to meet people from across the different programs at Haas.

This was such an exciting opportunity to learn from one of the greatest business minds in the country. Mr. Buffett was very friendly and down to earth. He possessed such warmth, humor and spoke with candor about the economy and businesses. One topic that stood out to me was his view on taxes. He said that people would work just has hard no matter if there's an increase in the tax rate. In a survey of his company, the average employee paid 32% in income taxes, while Mr. Buffett paid 17% in taxes for last year. He said that this was unfair.

Group picture with our new best friend
Trying to steal Warren Buffett's wallet
Stayin' aliveLike GE and Goldman Sachs
Carrying stuff to his car

Every MBA school brought gifts for Mr. Buffett. I'm sure he needs another baseball cap or some random tchotchke. But what do you get the richest man in the world?

The meeting was filmed by Fox Business news and will be shown on Dec. 4th. We were interviewed by Fox before the meeting. However, we do not have Fox Business news in the Bay Area.

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