Meeting the Bloggers

It's sometimes funny that I feel like I learn more about my fellow bloggers via the blog than in person. With different schedules and not necessarily being on campus at the same time, it's great that we can get connect by reading one another's postings.
A few weeks ago, I met first year blogger Aaron French. Aaron was chatting with one of my friends in the courtyard just before classes started and we were introduced to one another. I still need to check out the Sunny Side Cafe to find out what Aaron is cooking up - literally.
At the Halloween party held at the Gallery Lounge in SF a few weekends ago, it was really cool that first year blogger Sonny Chinthamani came up to me and said hello. Here we are sporting both acceptable attires for the evening.
It was great to catch up with folks outside of campus for the evening and we had a festive group as you can tell....

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