MBA Internships: Living a dream at 20th Century Fox

By Morgan Bernstein


Student: Nikita Jain, Full-time MBA 16
Internship: 20th Century Fox

Role: Marketing and licensing, Home Entertainment Digital Distribution Group.

Why 20th Century Fox: "When I arrived at Haas, I'd had three years of experience in finance at Credit-Suisse, and I wanted to switch to the creative side of things. I love watching movies!! I can watch movies 24/7, 365 days a year. I grew up watching Hollywood movies and Bollywood is in my blood, I knew entertainment was my dream career but never knew I could make it happen. Everyone told me it would be difficult to transition from finance to entertainment, especially because I'm not from the industry and more so not from the U.S. Nevertheless, I didn’t give up trying..and it paid off when I got my summer offer from Fox.

Projects: I worked with the Marketing and Licensing team dedicated to Fox’s digital content. One of the projects I worked on focused on growing Fox’s video-on-demand & cable business. My growth strategy ideas were very well received, and I was asked to present to Keith Feldman, the president of worldwide distribution for Home Entertainment. Another project was about monetizing Fox's content on social media platforms and designing marketing campaigns for Fox movies—specifically for consumers of their digital clients like iTunes, Amazon, etc.

The internship gave me a chance to learn a lot about consumer behavior on digital platforms; what kinds of campaigns are most effective for different movies; and how millennials are consuming and buying movie content online

Haas skills applied: I got a lot of support from my career advisor throughout the internship. I networked a lot, which we were well trained for at Haas. Needless to say all the media & marketing coursework I took during my 1st year went a long way in making this internship a success

A highlight: I helped with the brand marketing campaign for an upcoming Fox movie "The Martian," set to release in October. Do watch it!! I also got various opportunities to see screenings of Fox movies not released yet—a perk I really cherished!

Thrilled about: The team I worked with over the summer told me they'd love to have me back, and encouraged me to check in with them once I graduate.

What's next: I consider myself very lucky to have landed my dream job, and I plan to do marketing for movies in L.A. when I finish my MBA."

—Kate Madden Yee



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