Life in the Fast Lane

Well, I'm back on campus for Berkeley-Columbia classes for 3 days. Life feels like its wizzing by pretty fast right now for a few reasons: firstly, this week has been crazy, between work, travelling to Berkeley, assignments due, attending classes its been very hectic. Secondly, I feel like I'm travelling a lot - out to the field for work, up the I-5 to Berkeley for classes, down to Santa Clara tomorrow morning for my M&A class and back to Berkeley for a BCEMBA class in the afternoon in entrepreneurship, over to New York in a few weeks for the next block of BCEMBA classes - and most excitingly, I got into the Dubai international seminar in January, so I've been planning my travels to Dubai in the past week. The third reason that life is wizzing by, is that I have 8 weeks left in the semester - my last semester of formal classes - wow how time flies.

So my advice to Tony and the other first years is - celebrate early and often! Celebrate all the small wins you can along the way, because you're going to need that to keep momentum. But also, I felt as relieved, happy and excited finishing my set of mid-term exams as I do now that I'm getting to the end of the program - its all relative!

Right now I'm on a break in entrepreneurship with Steve Blank - we're looking at the concepts of building a customer base for a new start-up, and have just heard from guest speak Sean Ellis who was the VP of Marketing for LogMeIn. I'm looking forward to a relaxing Friday night dinner following class, and catching up with my husband for a change.

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