Jet-Setting @ Haas

You commute from where??? Seattle??? Wow - now that's some dedication! How do you do it?

We've all heard it - many times. We usually brush it off - casually. We secretly enjoy the reaction - very much (it still hasn't gotten old). We - are the Haas Jet-Set.

Yes, the constant flying is very tiring. Absolutely exhausting at times. And yes it sucks to miss out on so many cool events that happen at Haas. The Bay Area folks try to tell us it is not such a big deal because they end up not being able to make it to several of these events as well - but it still sucks.

So how do I do it? I have a secret weapon. In fact I have three. My fellow commuters from Seattle: Ankit Tandon, Sumit Garg & Amit Paka - without whom I'd have spent many many miserable hours waiting alone at the airport. And I'm not making this up - all their first names really do end with 'it' which is why it is easier to refer to the three of them as *its.

It is amazing to think that after 13 weeks of commuting this semester which translates to 26 flights, I have not been on a single flight where I was alone. I always had one of the *its travelling with me. Not only is it more fun to have company it is also very economical. We save a ton by carpooling and sharing cabs. We are always looking out for the cheapest flight deals and let each other know when one is available. We also formed a study group that meets weekly to go over homework (that's us below - working on Accounting problems earlier in the day today).

We have jet-setters from other cities too - flying in all the way from from Portland, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego and even Minneapolis (wow!). Between all of us I think we have the west coast pretty well-covered.

I have to say - the out-of-state commute is not that bad. Like everything else that's challenging it gets better over time. It also helps to have so many people around me that are going through the same experience.

To the *ITs - I'm so glad you are in the program. Even though you tease me about wearing blue PJs to school, I still think you are cool, fun and smart!

To everyone else - Good night & Happy Thanksgiving!
- S

This post was written while listening to 'Jimmy' by M.I.A.

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