Happy New Year!

Here we are - the second (two on the left) and third year (two on the right) bloggers surrounding Molly Kihanya, Acting Director of Evening and Weekend Admissions, and also the one who supports the blog from the administrative side of things. We're enjoying ourselves at the Haas Holiday Mixer - our end of year party to round out 2008. We couldn't find Tim and Div at the party, but I'm sure they were there in spirit.

You can see that we had quite the spread and along with an awesome DJ in the mix, we had one great party to unwind from finals and all the other things going on.

As Div mentioned, the first year evening cohorts are back to school this week while the rest of us get a little more time to relax. Second years are preparing for the Mid-Program Academic Retreat which kicks off the start of our year, and third years, well, they just get to sit back and relax a little longer.

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