Google Tech Trek


Last Friday, I got a chance to go hang out at Google in Mountain View with some of my fellow Evening & Weekend MBA friends. The Haas Technology Club arranges these tech treks with companies around the Bay Area including Apple and Yahoo! We started our visit with Q&A with eight Haas alums who are now employed at Google in various capacities - Product Management, Sales and Operations, Finance, and more. We learned about the Google 15 (you're bound to gain 15 pounds after working at Google with all the free food), how no micro-kitchen is more than 100 feet away from each person's desk (of course, the micro-kitchens are stocked with healthy items such as fruit and nuts and other not so healthy snacks), and that there are arcade games like Pac Man in the halls. Of course, there was some networking and learning about the company too. We wrapped up our visit with a tour of the famed halls of the Googleplex and were treated to sushi, pot stickers, egg rolls and smoothies too.

If it weren't for Haas School of Business, I probably wouldn't get a chance to check out the sights and sounds of Google. If you get to go, be sure you check out the dinosaur. During our visit, pink flamingos (another engineer prank) were sitting in the dinosaur's mouth :)

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