Golden Memories in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Wow, its great to hear folks talking about the fun of the Operations simulation - ahh, the fond memories that I now have... It seems that perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder. I think I recall (vaguely), the crazy simulation that took over our lives, the urgent conference calls, the people who were waking at all hours to check the simulation and the adrenaline of the sudden changes that shocked us. But now, I look back on it with such fond memories - ahh, that was such a fun class - Terry Hendershott imparted on us so much wisdom, and we had a blast with the beer game (especially thanks to our Anheuser-Busch class-mate, Sean). Its funny how your perspective changes, especially when you're close to finishing.

So I have one-unit left, and suddenly I'm thinking wistfully about the program. All that time that I said, 'I'm going to be done as soon as I can...', I'm now thinking 'Is it really almost over??'. It was fun to be back on campus again this weekend (for the second week), and catch up with some of my Blue and Gold classmates, find out how everyone's winter break went, what classes they're taking, who's had a baby (it seems nearly everyone!) and what people are thinking about post-MBA. Quite a number of people seem to be delaying graduation in order to take advantage of the many career center offerings at Haas during this slow economic time.

I'm taking 'Doing Business with China', which is a fascinating class taught by a retired lawyer who spent many years practicing in China & Japan. We had a very interesting discussion last Saturday afternoon about Chinese negotiating styles and how to work with them if you're from the West. The class runs for 5 Saturday afternoons, and is a really nice contrast to some of the other theoretical classes I've taken, and also a perfect amount of time - 5 weeks is a great introduction to Business in China, but no overkill, especially as I'm not working with China at this time (but do hope to do so again some time in the future).

So now I'm just trying to make the most of being at Haas while I still can, and enjoying the spare time I have (given I'm taking so many less classes than last semester) to catch up with friends and enjoy life.



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