Freedom, Parties and Elections

The end of this week marks the end of the semester for me in terms of academic responsibilities. And that is freedom indeed. A little early you ask? Yes, it is a little early. I opted to take two 2-unit classes which meant that my finals and lectures only went through the early part of November. Although it's not viable to do that every semester, I was extremely fortunate to be able to do so this fall because of some 1-unit courses I had taken last year. Once my group paper gets turned in for Competitive Strategy, it will really be time to party.

The week my Managerial Accounting final was taken, I got to celebrate by going to the annual Haas Gala event. This year, UC Regent Richard C. Blum was honored as well as recent Nobel Prize Winner Oliver Williamson. Here I am with my fellow EWMBAA executive team members Amy Daily, EWMBAA Secretary, and Vijay Bhaskaran, EWMBAA Vice-President. Who is that other guy you ask? That's Professor Paul Tiffany, whom has taught all three of us some form of Strategy (yes, it's for his class that I have this 25+ page paper due). Three out of four executive team members this year have been challenged to consider new ideas by Professor Tiffany's teaching. All kidding aside, it's great to be able to mingle with alumni, professors, and other distinguished honorees and guests at the gala event.
As for elections, it's hard to believe that a year has passed since I hit my own campaign trail and ran for EWMBAA President. Now, we're in the process of listening to campaign speeches by new candidates, including our very own blogger Divyang Agrawal. Good luck Div!

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