Facebook - A Double-Edged Sword

Social Networking is active at Haas. After a few weeks in the program, my LinkedIn connections increased dramatically. I was starting to get grief about why I hadn't set up a Facebook page, now not only from my old friends, but from new ones too.

After a quarter went by, I succumbed to the pressure and set up a Facebook profile. The beauty of being able to see new photo uploads and comment on statuses became apparent, but also quite time consuming. No, I wasn't Facebook stalking - on the other hand... :p Admittedly, Facebook SuperMario is strangely hypnotizing....

The most interesting thing about Facebook though may be its double-edged quality. Once you have added a friend/classmate, and you've requested that that person complete an action item for you in class or for a committee, you may feel some slight frustration as you see he or she has managed to fill her Green Patch garden with more cute plants or that he is attending another fantastic party, yet your request remains lonely and incomplete.

In the end, the action item will get finished eventually if it's important enough...but how does one vent her frustrations? May I suggest a 'dropkick' or a 'trout slap' from the HugMe application, or better yet, this might be a good time to add a vampire application .... time to go comment on a certain someone's status!

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