It has been a historic election year, but elections are just now coming to Haas!! The EWMBA association and various clubs are holding their elections this month to establish the leadership teams for the next year. You may have read or heard that at Haas it’s all about collaboration, but did you know that this is really embodied in the way the leadership teams for different student run organizations are setup. Each association strives to elect a “Co-President”. We believe in sharing even the most coveted positions, and believe in listening to other opinions. Personally I feel this provides a great balance between decision-by-committee and my-way-or-highway.

The election process starts when platforms are invited for different positions up for grabs. Each candidate whether it’s for a co-president, vice-president (and there are a few of these such as vp-careers, vp-alumni, vp-communications, vp-admissions, and so on depending on the type of organization) or one for any other position, is required to submit his/her vision for the position and a game plan for the next year. This “platform” is then sent out along with the candidate’s background to the registered voters. This year almost all of the elections have been online via surveymonkey type of tools. Each candidate has tried to differentiate him or her (self) during this process and watering holes like Henry’s and Jupiter have been witnesses to “socials” where some of these platforms have been articulated. In fact I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a few candidates who were camped out in front of Jimmy Fifo’s café during evening breaks. All in all, a very exciting process with a real attempt to engage students across the spectrum of Haas’ current batches.

Election platforms did bring out some of the populist concerns shared by EWMBA students. There are some which can be mitigated with the help of school authorities - improving air conditioning, moving the video-taping from its current pre-historic setup to something which is more cognizant of the Haas brand. But there are still others which really require student commitment - networking between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students, forums for interaction between current students and alums and so on. At any point of time, there are over 700 students in the EWMBA program from hundreds of organizations in and around the bay area. Wouldn’t it be exciting to talk to someone who’s already working in an industry or profession that you want to target as a potential career destination?

Anyway, before I end, I want to wish all the candidates a big Haas “Good Luck”! I know the students and staff appreciate the passion and the willingness to change the status quo ya’ll have exhibited by throwing your hat in the ring. And to all the other EWMBAers, no matter who you vote for, make sure you vote. Take the time to read the platforms, and talk to the candidate if you have any questions or concerns. These are the people who will be driving issues which impact your daily lives.

- Div

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