Dinner with Dean Lyons

Last night, a group of 10 evening/weekend MBA students had the privilege of enjoying dinner with Dean Lyons. The purpose was to give students the chance to meet Dean Lyons informally, and ask any questions relating to the school and his views. We had a very fascinating discussion, particularly around the culture of Haas. As Dean Lyons has previously mentioned, his time at Goldman Sachs showed him the importance of culture and the transferring of culture in an organization. It led him to think about the importance of the culture at Haas, and the perhaps there is value in crystallizing that culture further, and writing it down. One key differentiator we hear about Haas is that students have 'confidence without attitude'. Dean Lyons asked students what we saw as the key differences between Haas and other business schools. One area which was discussed is that Haas is not synonymous with a particular specialization (such as VC's, investment banking etc.), and there was much discussion around the value of a broad general management track, and the diversity that exists at Haas. There was also a lot of discussion around the culture that Haas embodies and how this differentiates us from other business schools - around our innovation, responsible business and confidence without attitude and how this contributes to teamwork. Dean Lyons also discussed innovation/entrepreneurship within organizations and recommended the book "Hot Spots".

Overall, a very fascinating and stimulating discussion. Students also gave feedback on the Evening/Weekend MBA program and the experience can be enriched for part-time students.

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