Decisive Indecisions

I am finally back to blogging. Classes have started but I have had the hardest time making my elective selections. This is my last semester at Haas and I have 4 units left to graduate Unfortunately, there are several exciting electives so making my last choices have been rather difficult. Ultimately, I ended up choosing Sales Management and Corporate Boards. The Sales Management class is being offered by Steve W Martin. He had conducted a day long session last year, which I really liked. Therefore, this was a very easy choice. I also wanted to take Managerial Accounting primarily because Prof. Suneel Udpa is really good and in my humble opinion one of the best professors in Accounting ( He even has a fan club on Facebook). I was also interested in Corporate Innovation- a class on new business development and corporate entrepreneurship. I ended up signing up for Corporate Boards. Once again, I have heard some great things about this class and Prof. Kathleen Connell. In a nutshell, I ended up using the add/drop system to its fullest potential including confirming my choices - 15 minutes before the deadline.

With all the drama for the elective selection over, I did get my tickets for the homecoming game on Oct 4 ( Cal v/s Arizona State). This semester is going to be exciting.

Cheers .... Dutta:)

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