Dating and the MBA

During the first year, I rarely heard about single MBAers going on dates. Unless you were already attached, it was pretty difficult trying to have a social life after juggling work, school, and any other commitments to your family or friends, let alone adding on the element of dating.

During the second year, things have changed. My single guy friends now seem to have a whole lot more time that allows them to 'manage' to date. Why do I use the word manage? Well, it's not like dating outside of the MBA. When you're in the program, you get random pockets of time, and you have to make the best of it if you are still seeking your life partner. Let me share a couple of examples. One of my friends has told potential dates that his first and second priorities are work and school, so dating is certainly salient, but not the most important thing on his mind. For eligible bachelorettes who accept this priority, these guys are certainly a good catch - they're employed, getting their MBA, and well, they go to Haas, so they're pretty cool guys - what more could you ask for?

What seemed even more interesting from a time management aspect is how my recent group member handled dating and school. We had a conference call on a late Saturday night since we had to turn in a paper the next day (yes, this is for a Sunday class). We later learned that the reason he had to hop off the phone for 20 minutes was that the food had arrived while he was on a date, so he had joined us for 10 minutes, went back to his date for 20 minutes to eat, and get this, he came back on the phone after eating. Nevertheless, you can see that this was quite a dedicated classmate and he was practicing considerable time management and social skills. I later shared with him that this woman exhibited more patience than most, and when he told me it was a first date, well, this certainly means she is a woman of even greater patience than I thought. Hopefully he won't have to jump on another telecon during date number two (at least, I think he shouldn't if he wants a date number three).

So as you can see, it takes a little creativity at times to maintain a balanced social life, but it is indeed possible to find your life partner while getting an MBA, and for some, they even find their life partner in the program. The possibilities are limitless.

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