Confessions of a Workaholic

"Thanksgiving break has come and gone, but all we know is work goes on!"

It's been a rough semester all around. All in all, I am beginning to think second-year is just as tough as the first-year, but in a very different way. Having to deal with picking courses, class-hopping in the early weeks (if you're like me) and settling into your groove, all with keeping focused over a longer course haul (no more split semester). It has its difficulties. Then again, the actual class time reduction (at least for weekenders.. from 4 hrs/class to 3 hrs/class) does seem to help boost spirits. Then again, I'm sure third-years contend with "senioritis"-- and I can't take away from the first-year shuffle!

Now-a-days, my Entrepreneurship Team is toughing it out, trying to get our business plan ready and prepare for the VC pitch (for the class, but with real VCs, as you'd expect). Even during the Holiday break, we've been attempting to smooth out the rough edges. It's been a fun ride, though I am definitely looking forward to the Winter break. Funny thing is this step would normally just be the start to entering the start-up world. Nice learning lesson for the "next time around," right? :) I'm sure I'll get a chance to let you know how the class-version goes. The ol' saying is that if they don't grill you until you cry, you're not making an interesting pitch!

International Marketing
Still a very interesting class with a very knowledgeable professor and solid guest speakers. Last week around, we actually had a non-profit company (Kick Start, formerly ApproTEC) come in and talk to us about their work in Africa and how they use technology to expand wealth and economy there in practical areas like irrigation. One more written analysis case ("WAC!") to do for a final..

Designing Financial Models That Work
For my only 1-unit course this semester, we have already wrapped up, prior to Thanksgiving. It's a good thing too, with all the hustle and bustle of other classes. It's inspired me to further firm up some of my financial foundational skills. To that end, I've signed up for Financial Information Analysis next semester.

Beyond Class
Definitely a lot of external activities going on, as Anlei had mentioned. At least I'm not having to travel for class like our buddy, Sonny (though she, in typical Sonny fashion, has enthusiastically handled it with super grace and is "working it"). Haas Holiday party is coming up this Saturday too, in fact. Work still has its own challenges, and backing up the bottle during holidays (and then returning to the flood) has its moments.

If that's not enough, some of my Haas buddies and I decided to get our feet wet with a case competition (just started), and I'm trying to plan around two personal trips next year-- they're keeping me looking forward.

Random tidbits again from me, but another "day in the life" so-to-speak.

Until next time.. Good luck with Finals, folks!
- Tim

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