Back at it....

Well, while some are partying and celebrating.... I'm back at it. Despite some relaxation on the Memorial Day weekend, the grind of classes and assignments is never far away when semester is in session. This weekend I'm back at Berkeley for block two of Berkeley Columbia classes - two classes each of 3 hours in Entrepreneurship and Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation. I'm also starting the EWMBA 1 unit class in Financial Statement Modeling with Sarah Tasker, that runs for the next 4 Saturdays.

So in Entrepreneurship we're finalizing ideas for new ventures, that in teams we will develop business plans for. In Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation we're learning about the pros and cons of valuation methods such as the dividend discount method. I'm busy trying to finish assignments and keep up with reading before my classes start again on Thursday.

But I do like the format of the Berkeley-Columbia classes - it is a nice change to try something different, and not have to go to classes 2 nights per week, but have an intensive period of 3 days to focus on classes when I'm not tired from work and busy with other things. Also, the networking opportunities from an intensive 3 days block of classes is great - breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are all catered, and I enjoyed standing around sharing snacks with my classmates and talking about Entrepreneurship ideas (or lamenting on my sorry state, given I was attending classes in a sling).

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!



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