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Going Green: Getting a well rounded education

By Vince Huang   |   10/26/2010
The first year at any school is a blur. Balancing a wide load of courses, meeting new friends, exploring the city, and making connections for my job switch was more than I could've imagined. In my second year, ...

SF Music Tech: The Bits in the Beats

By Vince Huang   |   5/18/2010
The San Francisco Bay Area is fast becoming the hot-bed of music and technology. Both Pandora and Mog are in Berkeley's backyard (Oakland and Berkeley, respectively). The MBA experience at Haas is more than ...

Being a VC for a day

By Vince Huang   |   3/03/2010
This is a guest post penned by Siddhi Saraiya (FTMBA 2011), a VCIC participant. As part of a two part post, around the Venture Capital Investment Competition, Siddhi shares on her team's experience being a VC o...

Haas Venture Capital Competition

By Vince Huang   |   1/31/2010
This is a guest post penned by Robbie Horwitz (FTMBA 2011), VCIC Organizing Committee, Judging Representative:

On the other side of town

By Vince Huang   |   11/01/2009