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Back from Abroad!

By Tony Hung   |   1/17/2012
Alas, my semester abroad in Barcelona has come to an end and after four months, I’m back in the Bay Area.  It was an absolutely amazing few months, one that exceeded my expectations for the trip.  It allowed me...

Settling into Barcelona

By Tony Hung   |   10/09/2011
After 2 weeks of intensive classes (M-F, 9-6pm) and now 1 week of my regular class schedule done, I can safely say I'm settled in here in Barcelona. I'd thought that I would feel much more lost, that living in ...

Hello from Spain!

By Tony Hung   |   9/24/2011
I am no longer Barcelona-bound...   I’ve finally arrived!  Indeed, I’ve been here for 10 days now and have already completed one full week of M-F, 9-6pm class at ESADE Business School.  Another class with the s...