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Evening MBA vs. Weekend MBA Schedules

By Tim Potter   |   8/31/2010
This semester, I've pulled the old switcheroo and moved from all Weekend MBA classes to all Evening MBA classes. I'm sometimes asked by prospective or new students which is preferred. With that in mind, here's ...

Five more weeks?

By Tim Potter   |   11/09/2009
Definitely jealous that Anlei got to meet some of our new bloggers. I'm still "out-of-the-loop" in that regard. Hoping to catch them during some upcoming social event at Haas though. It certainly isn't easy, de...

Symantec Tech Trek

By Tim Potter   |   11/09/2009

Labor Day and closure for Add/Drop

By Tim Potter   |   9/04/2009
Will make this a quick one, before the Labor Day Weekend. Classmates and I are ready and willing to enjoy our first break (already) since the start of the new school year. I, for one, will be up past Point Reye...

1st day as a 2nd Year

By Tim Potter   |   8/28/2009
It's good to be back. I've been sticking with the weekend classes for now, as it fits with my current work schedule. A lot of familiar faces as I returned to class last Saturday, and it has been great to catch ...

Staying Relevant

By Tim Potter   |   7/07/2009
Been a while since I posted-- if not for Anlei's post with me as a sidebar picture, I've been a bit AWOL. Needless to say, I'm enjoying my Summer-- even if any time that formerly went to school just gets replac...

Soft Skills

By Tim Potter   |   5/06/2009
Lucky Diana... congrats. And here I am, wrapping up only my first year. Anyway.. We recently wrapped up a two-day seminar class for Leadership Communications (last Sun). That class was a blast. What was most in...

Fourth Quarter of "The Game"

By Tim Potter   |   4/07/2009
We're now well into our last "half-semester" of core classes. As Anlei was reminiscing to me in an earlier comment, there is some debate as to whether this is the hardest part of the core year (versus the previ...

Weekender vs Evening

By Tim Potter   |   3/24/2009
I think there probably has been many a post about this before, but many student applicants ask about the difference between weekend and evening cohorts. In light of that, I tried to gather some info we passed b...

Through the Ringer?

By Tim Potter   |   3/19/2009
The first-year student's third half-semester (weird phrase, I know) just wrapped up, as of last Saturday. As you may recall, first year's have half-semesters due to the crunch of numerous core classes in the bu...