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What a week!!!!!

By Ricardo de Paula   |   4/10/2010
After a while I am back!

LAHBA Coronation Dinner

By Ricardo de Paula   |   12/09/2009
LAHBA initiatives have really helped me to feel home at Berkeley. During this first semester the club promoted a series of events that provide amazing professional and social interactions between students. The ...

A Source Inspiration

By Ricardo de Paula   |   10/06/2009

Students actively participate

By Ricardo de Paula   |   9/28/2009
Here at Haas students actively participate on the shape of the MBA program as well as take charge of many other activities. There are a lot of ways in which you can positively impact the student’s experience in...

The University Village

By Ricardo de Paula   |   9/06/2009
This week I moved to my new apartment, which is located in the University Village. Since I did not have the opportunity to visit Berkeley before the classes started, I followed the recommendations of some ...

Awsome week!!!

By Ricardo de Paula   |   8/23/2009
This has been an awsome week!!!