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Haas @ Work and other news

By Oliver Strutynski   |   2/17/2009
Just came back from a long weekend of skiing at Tahoe. Great snow. Too much snow...

Exciting times ahead

By Oliver Strutynski   |   2/05/2009
First-years had their welcome back lunch with Dean Lyons a while ago. Yesterday it was our turn to get together for an update on the state of the school and future plans. I don't what to repeat what has already...

Interview Training

By Oliver Strutynski   |   1/31/2009
No, this post is not about getting ready for the job search, practicing cases or discussing strategies for acing the behavioral interview. Rather, it is about the training for Haas admissions interviewers.

Spring Classes

By Oliver Strutynski   |   1/15/2009
Winter break is almost over. And while I really enjoy having some time off in Berkeley, I am also eagerly waiting for my classmates to return to start our last semester in style.

January in Berkeley

By Oliver Strutynski   |   1/12/2009
While most of my classmates are traveling around the world, I decided to return to Berkeley early this year to enjoy everything the Bay Area has to offer before the beginning of my last semester. This picture ...


By Oliver Strutynski   |   12/07/2008
Long time no blog, I guess. But then the first-years have done a good job taking over this blog, so I don't feel too bad about it.

Long time to blog

By Oliver Strutynski   |   10/12/2008
Ok. I must admit that I had planned to blog more often than this. And I can't even say that I was too busy over the last few weeks. Yes, I had stuff to do, but overall, I guess I was just having a good time ...

Back in Berkeley

By Oliver Strutynski   |   8/24/2008
After more than 3 months on the road for IBD and my summer internship, I came back to the Bay Area yesterday.

Does being ethical really pay?

By Oliver Strutynski   |   5/17/2008
The Wall Street Journal ran an article last week titled "Does being ethical pay?". The journal article was based on an experiment in which participants were asked for their willingness to pay for a pound of cof...

Haas for Students

By Oliver Strutynski   |   5/04/2008
I just made my pledge and donated one day of my summer income to Haas for Students. Haas for Students is our matching fund for students with internships in the non-profit sector. It is mostly funded by students...