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The power of the network

By Oliver Strutynski   |   8/21/2009
Hello again and of course welcome to the class of 2011! I have been back at work for a few months now and actually shouldn't be posting on this student blog anymore, but I wanted to share an episode that really...

Janet Yellen at Haas

By Oliver Strutynski   |   5/07/2009
Great speech last night by Janet Yellen, CEO of the San Francisco Federal Reserve and a member of the Federal Open Market Committee. Yellen had been a professor at Haas before joining the Fed and came back to H...

Go Bears

By Oliver Strutynski   |   5/03/2009
Yosemite park, May 3.

Online Worlds

By Oliver Strutynski   |   4/23/2009
In yet another CEO event, yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with Craig Sherman, CEO of Gaia Online, as part of my Media & Entertainment class. Gaia Online is one of the most successful social networks/onl...

Looking back

By Oliver Strutynski   |   4/21/2009
With my two years at Haas are coming to an end, I have recently started to reflect back on my time here in Berkeley and on the intense period of time ever since I have started applying to business school.


By Oliver Strutynski   |   4/13/2009
My housemates surprised me with a great surprise party for my birthday last Monday, I had a surprise guest for the week, and on Friday the European Business Club got together for a German (Bavarian) brunch: A ...

Brunch impressions

By Oliver Strutynski   |   4/05/2009
I will sure miss the Bay Area.

Marketing 2.0

By Oliver Strutynski   |   4/05/2009
We had our second session of my "Marketing in Web 2.0" class this week. The class is taught by Andreas Weigend, formerly the chief scientist at and and a respected expert in data-driven marketing and...

Lifelong Connections

By Oliver Strutynski   |   4/02/2009
The Lifelong Connections Campaign (LLC) is our student pledge drive. During the campaign students pledge their future financial support to the school and commit to a first gift to Haas. To kick of the ...

Spring-A Roundup

By Oliver Strutynski   |   3/17/2009
Since I haven't blogged in a while, I figured now is a good time go give you all an update on the last few weeks.