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Laura is a senior marketing and communications manager at Berkeley-Haas. As a former journalist, she finds no shortage of interesting stories to tell at Haas. As a Cal alum, she loves being able to walk to work through redwood groves along Strawberry Creek.

Recent Posts

Xendit: Cash Without Borders

By Laura Counts   |   5/06/2015
The Xendit team, left to right: Bo Chen & Juan Gonzalez, both BS 13 (computer science); Vivek Ahuja and Moses Lo, both MBA 15

Haas Help for Nepal

By Laura Counts   |   5/01/2015

First-Ever African Business Forum to Explore the New Mobile Frontier, May 2

By Laura Counts   |   4/29/2015
Forum organizers: Serge Ouedraogo, MBA 15; Najat Ould-Ali, MBA 15; Khadar Ahmed, MBA 15; Oseyi Ikuenobe, MBA 15; Remona Moodley, MBA 16; and Sadiya Nur, MBA 15

WeFinance: Funding for the Student Crowd

By Laura Counts   |   4/17/2015
It’s a common student dilemma: you’ve got a full-time offer post-graduation, but you still have several more months to finish your degree. And you’re facing the up-front costs of relocating—before your first ...

Sold-Out Crowd Expected at Women in Leadership Conference, March 14

By Laura Counts   |   3/11/2015
When organizers of the Women in Leadership Conference began planning this year's event, the impact of empowering the next generation of women felt tangible. Some of the organizers are in the Full-time MBA ...

Students, Staff, Faculty Give Big Thanks to Donors

By Laura Counts   |   2/09/2015
Berkeley-Haas students, faculty, and staff stopped by the Bank of America Forum last month to thank donors, and to acknowledge the fact that tuition only covers about half of the cost of running Haas. ...

Student Spotlight: Nikita Mitchell, Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 President & Diversity Leader

By Laura Counts   |   2/04/2015
It was the scariest thing she could think of doing as a new MBA student.

"Tangible Team Spirit" a Winning Strategy for Consulting Competition Champs

By Laura Counts   |   1/12/2015
Shadie Andraos and Andrea Soto, both MBA 16; University of British Columbia student Nicole Nauss; Dan Reddin and Anthony Patterson, both MBA 16.