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Julia is Associate Director of Admissions for the Berkeley MBA Programs for Working Professionals. She hopes these blog posts provide you with more personal insight into the Berkeley-Haas and Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA program experience.

Recent Posts

Many Happy Returns: Long-Term ROI and the Berkeley MBA, Part III

By Julia Sprague   |   4/02/2015
It’s not just about the money. While many articles have focused on the MBA ROI of salary, Haas graduates will tell you there are many other benefits to a degree from a top part-time MBA program. In this three-p...

Evening & Weekend vs. Executive MBA Programs: How to Choose, Part II

By Julia Sprague   |   3/25/2015
There’s more than one path to an MBA, and for many people, a full-time program just isn’t in the cards. Perhaps you’ve already launched your career, or have started a family.

Part-Time MBA ROI: Positioned for a Move to Marketing

By Julia Sprague   |   3/09/2015
Change doesn’t have to be in leaps and bounds. Smaller steps toward career advancement can provide the space to prove yourself. To take your pulse. Lauren Kalette, MBA 15, started her Evening & Weekend ...

Many Happy Returns: Long-Term ROI on the Berkeley MBA, Part I

By Julia Sprague   |   2/26/2015
Against the backdrop of frequent stories about the financial return-on-investment of b-school, we wondered about other benefits of the degree that contribute to professional success and personal satisfaction. I...

Evening and Weekend MBA Startup Jolts Electric Vehicle Charging

By Julia Sprague   |   2/06/2015
An MBA startup launched by evening and weekend students aims to send shock waves through the energy storage and electrical vehicle charging industries. Last year it developed a product it hopes will redefine ...

Going the Extracurricular Mile at Berkeley-Haas Means Extra Value

By Julia Sprague   |   2/04/2015
Evening and weekend students here at Berkeley-Haas are either over-achievers or gluttons for punishment. On top of a strenuous academic schedule, demanding full-time jobs, and busy personal lives, many are up ...

A Top-Ranked Part-Time MBA Program with Global Learning Opportunities

By Julia Sprague   |   1/27/2015
As the top-ranked part-time MBA program, we at Berkeley-Haas work hard to integrate global perspectives into our curriculum and community.

MBA Career Advancement: From Strategic Pricing to SunPower Promotion

By Julia Sprague   |   9/17/2014
Iris Korovesi didn't necessarily expect a return on investment so early in her MBA studies.

How to Choose a Berkeley MBA Program

By Julia Sprague   |   9/02/2014
Berkeley-Haas has three MBA programs: Full-time, Evening & Weekend, and MBA for Executives.

8 Not-So-Hidden Advantages of Part-Time MBA Programs

By Julia Sprague   |   8/12/2014
When it comes to getting an MBA, there are many questions to answer, starting with the most basic, why do it at all? Knowing why should give you some insights into when, where, and what kind of program is right...