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Berkeley Solver Series

By Jesse Tao   |   5/15/2014
At Haas, we often discuss taking advantage of the Berkeley community and collaborating with other graduate programs. This spring, Haas Technology Club (HTC) and the Foundry @ CITRIS, a Berkeley start-up ...

Inspiration and Momentum at the Haas Business of Healthcare Conference

By Jesse Tao   |   4/06/2014
Last Friday I rose at 6 a.m. feeling giddy. Instead of heading to campus, I left my house in North Berkeley for the BART station and San Francisco. Just underground and through a turnstile, I ran into Dan, one ...

Culinary Club AgLocal Trek

By Jesse Tao   |   4/06/2014
I came to Haas with a background in environmental nonprofit work, a passion for food, and a desire to find a role where I could have a strong impact in improving the food system. Now, in the second half of my ...