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Bidding for Spring

By Jennifer Caleshu   |   11/08/2011
It's a pretty chilly morning, but that's not why I'm thinking about's actually time to bid for spring semester classes! After the first year of all-required core classes, your schedule becomes (almo...

Experiential Learning

By Jennifer Caleshu   |   9/28/2011
One of the highlights this year so far is the interactivity of my courses. For Problem Finding / Problem Solving I took a Learning Styles Inventory which indicated I am a concrete learner (as opposed to ...

Guest Post: South African Seminar in International Business

By Jennifer Caleshu   |   9/02/2011
Jennifer: Here's a guest post from Jamie Aaronson (2013) who spent two weeks in South Africa for the Seminar in International Business. These seminars are designed to introduce the participants to the culture, ...