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Asia Business Conference - 2010

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   1/23/2010
Next month, the Haas School of Business will host the Asia Business Conference (ABC). This is the largest Asia focused student-run conference on the West Coast. Founded by Dr. Laura Tyson, economic advisor to ...

Haas Tech Club @ Crunchies

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   1/10/2010
Students at Berkeley will never stop raving about the opportunities you get to interact with techies and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. Last week, about 10 Haasies got together to attend the "Crunchies".

1/4th of an MBA

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   12/30/2009
Early December, I glanced at my calender to see when I'd get some relief from the continuously pile of work that just never seemed to reduce - no matter how much I toiled. From academics to sports to extra-curr...

The Multi Club Firm Night

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   10/23/2009
This week, several student-run clubs got together to sponsor the multi-club firm nights. The Multi-Club Firm Night is an annual career event hosted by the Haas Marketing Club, General Management & Strategy Club...

The weekend of the Blue Angels

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   10/12/2009
One of the things I really enjoy at Berkeley is that I can take a break from my MBA experience every once in a while. Yes, there are a million assignments (Only four, but I assure you it feels like a million), ...

Tri Girl Tri

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   10/07/2009
Last Saturday, about fifteen fine ladies from Haas teamed up to participate in the TRI, GIRL, TRI!® - 6th Annual All Women's Triathlon at Napa. The group included a nice mix of experienced athletes and ...

"We" Are Better Than "Me".. Really?

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   9/01/2009
Have you ever wondered why team-players are so valued in organizations? Is it because it is proven that the collective wisdom of the team is better than the individuals? Or is the concept of "collective wisdom"...

Oh and.. By The Bay

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   8/10/2009
One of advantages of studying at Haas is that I can live in the city during the two years of my MBA. That's quite different from the quaint little place where I went for my undergrad in India. More of that ...