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Three for three?

By Helen Ip   |   4/13/2009
The summer before I came to Haas, I laid out three goals/dreams for my business school experience. They were (1) learn to play golf, (2) live in London, and (3) get a job in marketing. Since graduation is only ...

Group projects galore!

By Helen Ip   |   3/20/2009
This semester I am taking seven classes, and five of them require completing group projects...

The incubator

By Helen Ip   |   3/14/2009
Last week I visited the incubator for the first time. The incubator is a place (in the basement of a hotel) the Lester Center provides to students who are working on their startups.

Hanging out on the couch

By Helen Ip   |   2/25/2009
I've been hanging out in the MBA lounge a lot--low-key atmosphere, light-hearted chit chats, comfortable couches--what better environment in which to do some reading for the next class:

A day in the life of a second-year MBA student

By Helen Ip   |   2/11/2009
What is it like being in business school? It's different for everyone, but I'll share my day with you.

We're back from London!

By Helen Ip   |   1/30/2009
Hello, we're back! I, along with five of my classmates, spent the fall semester at London Business School. We came back pale and penniless, but boy did we have (too much) fun! This picture proves that we were ...

Hello from London

By Helen Ip   |   10/03/2008
I've been in London a little more than two weeks now. Being an exchange student is exciting, and London couldn't have welcomed me with better weather!

London, here I come!

By Helen Ip   |   9/13/2008
I hate rain, but I have always wanted to live in London.

Waiting to board

By Helen Ip   |   8/22/2008
Today was the last day of my summer internship. I'm sitting at gate 7 in a JFK airport terminal. My flight is delayed. I am hungry. But I have too many things (two backpacks, one guitar, and an enormous umbrell...