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Play Ball!

By Eugene Lin   |   4/22/2009
As the co-president of the Haas General Management & Strategy Club, I had the privilege to invite Sandy Alderson (former CEO of the San Diego Padres, former Executive VP of MLB, and the mastermind behind ...

Lunch with Prospective Students

By Eugene Lin   |   10/27/2008
I just had one of the most intense yet rewarding lunches of my life today during our lunch escort program. It was intense because Champa and I were responsible for answering questions, which included "why Haas"...

My Study Group

By Eugene Lin   |   8/30/2008
When I learned that I was to be put in a diverse study group with four other people and complete all group projects with these people for the first semester, I was skeptical. I wondered how "diverse" this ...