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Starting Up

By Elad Ganot   |   1/07/2010
One of the great things about an MBA in general, and at Haas specifically, is that it is one of the most supportive environments for starting new initiatives or exploring new business ideas. This is how, a few ...

The First Haas Talent Show

By Elad Ganot   |   6/07/2009
Every semester, the Haas MBA program office approaches the students and invites ideas for new initiatives. These student proposals are then reviewed by the program office, and some of them get funded based on ...

In Memory of Bill Sonnenschein

By Elad Ganot   |   1/03/2009
Last Sunday, we lost one of the most inspiring professors in Haas - Bill Sonnenschein.

Let the Games (Panel) Begin

By Elad Ganot   |   11/01/2008
Prospective students at Haas hear a lot about how the school is highly student-driven, and that there are numerous opportunities to get involved even from day-one. I can now testify first-hand that this is ...


By Elad Ganot   |   8/28/2008
My name is Elad, 31, from Israel, and I'm also a first year MBA student here at Haas. I moved to Berkeley with my wife and our two cats and dog (actually my wife and the dog will join me and the cats next ...