Networking Opportunities in Atherton


Every year since entering Haas, I have received an invitation to the Menlo Park Circus Club Alumni Networking Event. During the last two years, I've had class the night the event was held, but this year, I could finally attend without conflict. It's an event that gets sold-out every year and is a great opportunity for alums and current students to mingle based on industry interests. Located in Atherton (a very wealthy town for those of you who many not be familiar with the area), the Circus Club is an elegant beautiful for all of this mingling to take place.

This year, Jagdeep Singh, MBA 90, was the keynote speaker. He co-founded several startups, including Infinera, an optical network equipment manufacturer where he currently serves as Executive Chairman.

Below he is speaking along with a photo of the engaged crowd. If you look closely, you'll see colorful balloon arrangements and colored ribbons under each person's name tag. Since I'm interested in a few areas, my name tag ribbons looked almost like that of a distinguished army general. The ribbons listed our area of interest (e.g. Technology, Entrepreneurship, Biotech etc); the balloons matched the ribbon colors and served as a way for us to find people with similar interests.

I got to meet several alum from Google, Adobe, and Symantec, as well as get to know a few full time students that I hadn't met before. It was a fun evening and it's no wonder it's such a popular event.

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