Congratulations to those of you who have just turned in your Round 2 applications this week! Although the rigorous part is over, the hard part - the waiting game - has just begun.

And for those of you who are waiting to hear back from Round 1 applications, the time has almost come and soon, you'll have an answer.

One thing that is great about Haas is that we have student volunteers who reach out to both prospective and admitted students. This occurs in multiple ways - from phone calling to answering questions at infosessions to being at the reception and orientation - current students are involved from start to finish.

Some simple tips after being admitted:
1. Read your email. There's nothing worse than missing some important info because you let your inbox pile up.
2. Be ready. If you get a call from a current student, don't tell them you're not there. What?!! you ask? What do you mean? Last year, I had the privilege of calling newly admitted students who had already received their notice. When I called one of them to introduce myself, I was told he wasn't there, but after letting him know I am a Haas student, he was embarassed to say that it was indeed him and he thought I was a telemarketer. Haas students are polite. Don't let their demeanor lead you to thinking s/he is a telemarketer.
3. Enjoy the time before attending school. There will be plenty of time for school once you arrive, so be sure to enjoy the time off between now and orientation.

Good luck to all!

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