A Smorgasboard of Classes

As I started this post a few days ago, I was at Haas, drinking Coors beer with my Berkeley-Columbia Financial Statement Analysis Classmates, and I learnt that Coors has a Smorgasboard of beer selections. We presented our final recommendations (Buy/Sell/Hold) on our group company of choice for the Financial Statement Analysis class. Luckily for our class, the last group, who happened to be analyzing Coors Brewing Company, shared product samples with the class. It was a fitting end to the summer semester. Unluckily for my group, we crazily decided to analyze GE - well, what a complicated company - I certainly needed a beer after a crazy week of understanding GE and its financial statements.

Unfortunately I didn't finish the post on Saturday, as there were too many other festivities on - it was Orientation Weekend for the new EWMBA students, so I joined them in the courtyard at Haas for lunch. There were certainly a lot of energy and excitement in the air, as well as some nervous energy and looming uncertainty. Luckily the weather was nice, and the second and third year students shared their tips for surviving through first year.

The other aspect of energy in the air is related to our class selection for the Fall Semester. There has been a few new options added during the summer, so we were welcomed back to the semester by lots of news from Tim and Siu Yung and the Program Office about all the classes and options for Fall. I'm still trying to work out exactly what my schedule will look like, as well as finish off the final group papers for my two summer classes, and make the most of my two weeks break..... I'm dreaming of next May when I'll be able to leave work and switch off for a change, rather than rev up a gear or two.

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