And The Year Ends...


The school year is over. My final projects are complete. I am content. What a wild year this has been and I am a little sad that it has progressed so quickly. It has been a pleasure serving as co-editor of the Haas MBA Blog and I hope our posts have given you a deeper look into the life of MBA students at Berkeley.

What's next for me? On Saturday, I am flying out to South Korea for my International Business Development (IBD) project. IBD is one of the BILD courses offered by Haas. Teams of four work with an international client on a consulting project during the spring semester and then spend three weeks overseas to 'implement.' I am working with an app development company to create a marketing plan for some mobile applications. I expect the time I spend in Korea to be rewarding and fulfilling.

The Monday after I return to Berkeley, I will begin my summer internship in San Francisco. I will be an MBA intern on the developer relations team at GREE, a mobile gaming company. Having previously worked with many game publishers at Google, I am excited and eager to take my skills and know-how to a fast-growing, high-velocity company like GREE. I know that I will learn a lot from the experience and can't wait to start my adventure.

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